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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aug 1 2016

A preface:

All below are rough drafts. At the end of the month I'll go over them and see what stays or goes. Rewrites will progress from there.

Aug 1 2016

A page: This is going to take some effort.

Step one: Turn off the TV
Step two: Wait
Step three: Leave the TV OFF for the month of August.

OK, I'm sixty three. Single. I useta think "not by choice" but now I'm not sure. I live by myself in a "Senior" Mobile Home Park. And I've come to cherish my solitude. I go out when I feel I need to see people and discourage visitors.

I've got a little Chihuahua dog that while being kinda needy for attention is an excellent companion. Yup, He's a "little dog" but we're only allowed little dogs here. No worries, he's mostly quiet, doesn't eat much and shits Peanut size turds so he's easy to clean up after. I got him while working in a bar. Gut (a customer) comes in an says "Found a Dog in my backyard, anybody want him?
if not I'm heading to the Pound".

Hmmmm, the pound? I been there, most all the creatures there know they're gonna die. real sad.

"OK, bring it in".
He goes out and comes back with this pathetic, scared looking little animal and I'm just picturing him in the cage waiting for his turn at the needle. Didn't know at the time if we could have dogs or not but I says "OK". Brought him home and he hid under the bed for two days.After that he started coming out when I came home and after about a month when i'd leave him in my place He's howl until I came back. After a while he adopted a Cat crate as his own little Safe Space (yeah I know, Millenial Liberal Wimp Dog)
and he'd hang there when I left. As time went on He's become more attached to me. During the winter we have Snowbirds back here in the corner where I live and they've all adopted him as their "Winter" Dog. he loves it and the people love him. especially my 93 year old next door neighbor. He's currently staying with his daughter but for a few years I'd bring sanchez over next door every afternoon so Herman and Him could play together. I think herman likes his as much as I do. All things being equal He may be the best Dog I've had. He don't hardly make no noise, and loves people and don't bite. If there IS anything I hate it would be
yappy little dogs that bite. Miserable fucks!

I've got a bunch of Harleys and a couple of Triumphs and I try to keep em all running an built. Tough to do on a Social security income. Try going from 80K per year down to 24,5.

Got's me a garage set up to work in and it's very therapeutic. When it's not July and 130 Degrees in there.

Where am i going? welp, in two years I'll be 65 and I'd like to take a trip to get out of Phoenix for the summer. Not sure I'll get to 65 but I just had a birthday and feel good enough to have a couple more?

"Everyone my age is so much older than Me"-Roach

OK, it's not "A page" but it's what I got for Aug 1 2016

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