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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Obama is looking to declare an Amnesty for Illegal Aliens here in these United States. In doing so He will effectively eliminate our Southern Border. His Democrat supporters will tell us that "It's "Temporary" and ONLY for Children of "Undocumented (illegal)" immigrants. Simply put......HORSESHIT! Does He expect Us to believe He's going to grant Work Permits to these young People for a few years then revoke them and send them back? Not to mention He will deport the Parents of these young People? This amounts to nothing less than a General Amnesty for ALL Illegals who have snuck in here. Along with that I don't see any mention of how We will avoid this happening in another Week, Month, or Year as The Brown Horde from the South will be literally streaming over our soon to be non-existent Border.
     A Solution:
Obama wants them here. Less than half of this Country seems to have no objections........GIVE THEM THE ILLEGALS!!!!!
     26 States signed onto a Lawsuit to STOP Obama writing His own Immigration Law. 24 Did NOT. Let's simply begin rounding up ALL the Illegals and Deport them. To the States NOT being a part of the Immigration Lawsuit. It has already been said that He MAY try to institute His Amnesty in those 24 States as He now seems to believe Federal Lawsuits are only pertaining to the State in which they are filed.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OK, Let's presume Hussein gets His way and ALL the illegals in the Country become legal. What then? In a Month when We have a half Million more? In a Year with 10 Millions More? Make this a monthly occurance? Wednesday Blue Light special? Will they EVER close the Border? Will people from all around the World show up and demand the same treatment? Will there be no end to this madness?