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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Democrats ARE these days being taken down by their lockstep alliance to the socialist in charge. Many are now (in the senate) are trying to get the proverbial HIM to lighten up so they have a chance at re-election. To this I suggest, Ask your rep or Senator "Did you vote FOR it or not?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

     McCain was just interviewed about his support of "Syrian Freedom Fighters". He was shown a video of a Sryian Fighter Jet being shot down. Off camera, when the plane hits the ground you can hear "allahu akbar, allahu akbar" over and over. When pressed for a reaction he said "Do you have a problem when a Christion says "Thank God"? It's the same thing.

     I think he's finally gone over!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No word from PETA?

Local PD say "No crime was committed".

California fish and game have not commented.

 Nor  have officials enforcing the "Endangered Species Act".

What do ya think......another Pass for Mark?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Democratic "Pathway to Citizenship"


     Background Checks: We don't require people to show id to vote. You have an illegal immigrant with no id, how do you know who they are in the first place? You ask them? Well I'm Hector Gomez and have a criminal record in Guatemala so I'm going to say I'm Juan Motime.

     Back Taxes: If you are Illegal and working here and working here you are using a False ID. "Sir or Madam, how much money have you made illegally while living in the US?" Juan Motime: "Nothing Senor."

     English Classes: I can see the ACLU all over this as "A racist attempt to dilute someone's heritage".

      Why don't we just call it like it is..."Pathway to Citizenship = Voter Registration with the Democrat box checked".

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So he says he's a Skeet Shooter? According to the "Urban Dictionary" a "Skeet Shooter" is

A. skeet shooter:
A guy who loves to ejaculate/cum on people or things.
"He's a skeet shooter"!

B.1: Skeet Shooting:
When your fucking a girl and without saying a word pull out and bust your load all over her.
"Man she was so pissed that I went skeet shooting"!!

b.2: When you're hitting a girl from behind (be it doggie style or anus) and just before climax you remove your meat from selected orifice (preferably anus) and drop your load (aka skeet) on her back. Then piss (aka shoot) selected load droplets off her back. For style and safety we recommend a shooting jacket, goggles, hearing protection, and well-trained beagle.
"I went skeet shooting with Rebecca last night".
"Oh yeah, how'd you do?" "I would have hit them all but I ran out of piss".

b.3: a term used for jacking some one off
"that hoe loves skeet shooting"

c. skeet shot
The act of shooting skeet at whoever asks or if you just feel like it.
"Edelia asked for her face to be turned into a glazed donut so Gary gave her one of his famous skeet shots".

d. skeet shoot
launch a nut across a room onto a deserving face
"My skeet shoot took the wench by surprise".

Libs will still call her a bimbo and him a Tom. That's why they're matter what they say they ARE NOT racist or sexist. Ask em, they'll tell ya so.
                     Could Bambi put them in Jail?

     Seriously misleading here. Initially when you read this you presume the Deer to still be a fawn (baby), but after more than two years they are no longer "saving" it as it is full grown and obviously a pet. My initial feelings of sympathy for them are completely gone.....BOOK EM, DANO!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Another step for Equality?

Alright then, is a Woman going into combat a "Voluntary" thing? A man in the military simply "Goes and serves where and what he's told". Will this not be the same for Women? A man cannot join the military unless he is "Fit to fight". Is it different for women? To be truly EQUAL A woman should be equally able as a man in any military job....without lower standards or accomodations that are not available to Men. A man cannot be exempted from combat because he's small, weak, maybe emotionally unstable or anything else. A Man who is such is simply Unelegible to join the Military. Hold Women to the same standard.