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Friday, October 26, 2018

"Hello, DNC Customer Service, can I help you?"
Where's my bomb?...
"Did you place an order?"
Yes, two weeks ago
"Your customer code?
Harris 2020
"I don't see you here?"
DAMMIT, I'm important! I_WANT_MY_BOMB!
"Well sir/m'am, after the first deliveries we have been overwhelmed by a sudden demand for bombs....
EVERYBODY wants one and we are short on stamps.
They cost money you know. Best we can do is two weeks"
I ordered it for Wednesday,
same day as all the important political players.
 "Wednesday?......You might not be as important as you think."

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Suspend Foreign Aid. We give away 124 Billion every year mostly to people that don't like us very much. 35% Tax on all money transfers TO Mexico. 35% Tariff on goods FROM Mexico.

THEN when the Wall is built, equipped and staffed:

Revisit Foreign Aid......BUT:



You want Foreign Aid?
a. Do you like us?
   2. Ally? Well sure then (after we've paid our bills)
b. Are you democratically governed?
   1. No? See a.1. above
    2. Yes? revisit your budgets and try to figure out WHY you need "outside" help? (or rather just want it)
c. Are you a human rights abuser?
    1. Yes? Do not pass go, do not collect $200 (or any other money)
     2. No? Well then show us by how well you take care of your own.

In short, unless you as a country meet our standards (and they ARE pretty lax) DO NOT expect any thing from us. And if you do get any it will be mere crumbs (aka leftovers after our country is completely taken care of.) compared to what we threw away before.

*Especially Military

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aug 3 9:05 pm (Aug 4 on the east coast)

Aug 3. even tho this is tomorrows "Page". Liketa think there is pressure to figure out what tomorrow is/will be about.
 But then, isn't that Life? What will tomorrow bring? Will there BE a Tomorrow? Although on that point I not to worried.
despite attaining what I feel to be an "advanced" age (63) and having acquired a few chronic
(contrary to popular belief "curmudgeon" is NOT an ailment) I actually feel pretty good. Likely I'll see the Sun rise another day.

As for tomorrow, I don't expect much. Run around, pay some bills, accomplish little (but something) and retire home to my corner of the world. Funny how expectations diminish as one also diminishes?
All the fire I had in my youth has burned down to embers or barely glowing coals. seemingly lukewarm.

All in all I have not achieved much other than survived (up to this point) it. No kids, no legacy other than to be occasionally remembered in Bar Conversations. Not planning any kind of Memorial and no longer belong to any kind of group who make a
habit out of maintaining such a thing. And there may be a spot of regret in that. When young I rode with people from that sort of life. as a newbie. But, I listened to my elders and respected them. I would be an elder now but like many I left that life behind. true it's not an easy way to live and many fail or perish. I can't really say why I left,
but I did. And I'm sure there's a certain amount of regret. I know know there will be a "Memory" patch with my name and I guess i'm ok with that.

Solitude agrees with Me. But.........

Aug 3, 2016

                     Donald Trump    

He was NOT my first choice. But one cannot argue for one candidate without bringing the other into the mix. That said, my primary reason is HE'S NOT HER!

     The SCOTUS issue is the primary one. 3 or 4 more Liberal Justices will absolutely spiral this country into third world oblivion and many believe he will appoint judges as impartial as he can get.
If you think about it his appeal isn't so much that he is pushing conservative policies it's more of the America First that he promotes.
For some some reason that drives the Left nutz? He's supports abortion (which the right don't like), fiscally conservative and want's to see Americans working again. Wants to cure the vast trade deficits that exist between us and other countries. There is absolutely No Question of whether or not he's "Been Bought" (NO, he hasn't) and his motives are certainly not for "Power" but Love of Country.

     Instead the left has chosen to focus on perceived smears of Racism and Misogyny.
He's rude and crass and very successful. So?

     Honestly the left's vision of doom and gloom with four years of Trump is vastly overstated.
If elected, the Left will flatly refuse to work with him. And we know but don't really understand their reasons why.
 But, the Right will also attempt to stifle him at every turn (albeit quietly).
Their motivation being that The Left will Scream for four years about Trump and if they can keep him ineffectual enough those in the establishment GOP believe that in four years of Trump accomplishing NOTHING they'll be able to run one of their Good ol Boys.
It's certainly a lot easier than trying to stifle Hillary? After all look at what a great job of keeping Obama in check they have done?
 Four years of Trump will be four years of nothing. IF for some reason his Nationalist Movement can "catch fire" and manage to get the other "career politicians" voted out through regular elections or Term Limit Legislation
 (oh god, if only) there may be a chance (unpopular in the world as it is) of returning America to her former greatness.

    All things being equal I really wanted to see Gingrich/Bolton in '16.
They're BOTH great thinkers with real Government/World Policy experience.Hopefully they'll both have prominent positions in Trump's Administration.
Lacking them Trump is the man.

On Khazir Khan:

     No, I don't believe the DNC would be stupid enough to march an "Illegal Immigrant Muslim" family up on stage to trash Trump......but? (No, i don't believe them "illegal" No question he has his own agenda being an Immigration Lawyer (co-inkydinkally specializing in Muslim Immigration issues)..........

     But the question is he  up there Trashing trump because His Son died fighting Muslims? Blaming Trump for his Son's death? Waving the Constitution pamphlet like it is some kind of "Holy Grail" for his vitriol? Trump didn't start the war, Trump is not now managing the war, Trump did not draft his Son and send him to war. While we're at it Where is the father's  outrage and criticism of the Muslims that killed his Son?

     Y'all are yelling "Trump wants to ban Muslims from America!". C'mon now, you KNOW that's not true? (Don't you?)

     Trump wants an "effective Vetting System" in place. I don't see a problem with that and can't imagine why anyone would. at present we "ask them and have them sign a paper" saying "No, I am not a Terrorist". Almost as effective as Barach's "red line in the sand"?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aug 2, 2016

4:10 am
This is a rewrite of something I did when i was about 12.
I no longer have it. My mother claimed to have saved it as it was probably my first writing endeavor and it earned me an A+.
But after she passed one of my siblings tossed it apparently.

I wait
     My name is Tony
     I wait.
     The Door sits in front of Me. I stand, stoic and proud. I am the oldest and have scars and scrapes. I stand here with my memories surrounded by virtual Children.
Daily we wait for the first appearance of light under The Door.Waiting for The Door to open....again. As the Oldest I have see The Door open more times than I can count.
And I have been chosen more times than the others put together. Great times and not so great times. Until that one day. Seems like forever ago. Many times have I witnessed the gradual appearance of light under The Door and then the fade to black as another day passed.
The Door no longer opens. It merely sits, impassive. A dark barrier.
     Every time the light appears there's a babble of tiny excited voices: "ME, ME ME!  Pick ME! Maybe today the Door will open and He'll pick me"? Let them chatter, I'm above all that and I have my memories. Grease, asphalt, oil. And sometimes yes, blood. And an awful day, long ago.......
There WAS grease, asphalt and blood. They came to take Him and forcefully removed me from Him. They were going to leave Me there, on the side of the road and He spoke and said "No, bring them". I stood sentinel beside Him through many cycles of light and dark until one day Someone said:
"Get those dirty old things out of here, He'll probably never need them again anyway". Once again I found my self behind The Door.

     I wait
One day, The Door opens. But this time it is different. It is not Him. I and my companions are silent. We hear a Woman's voice: "Here they are, it's what He wanted". I am Chosen.
Wait! This is not right"!

I am surrounded by weeping People. Many stop and gaze at us with tears in their eyes. Farewells are said and toasts are made. Eventually quiet. The Door again closes. This time from above.

My name is Tony, Tony Llama
A Bikers Boots
And We wait.