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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

You're at the market, maybe in the produce squeezing Melons or maybe looking to get a steak for 

supper. You have your licensed revolver on your hip. Meanwhile around the corner in the next aisle someone turns on a "burner" anonymous phone that came in the mail yesterday from another state and dials 911.
'911, what's your emergency?'
"I'm here at the store and there's a man with a gun and he's making me nervous
I don't know for sure but I thought I heard him mutter something about 'shooting them all' ".
And BOOM, you're on the floor surrounded by men in Black Balaclavas pointing m4s at your head. AFTER you make bail you have to go to court to get your firearms back. 

That anonymous caller with the burner phone? They dropped it in a postage paid pre addressed padded bag to an address on the other side of the country to be used again.

Ummmmmm........anyone here remember Baltimore? 18 Billion Dollars? Corrupt Democrat run cities? Askin for a friend.

Friday, October 26, 2018

"Hello, DNC Customer Service, can I help you?"
Where's my bomb?...
"Did you place an order?"
Yes, two weeks ago
"Your customer code?
Harris 2020
"I don't see you here?"
DAMMIT, I'm important! I_WANT_MY_BOMB!
"Well sir/m'am, after the first deliveries we have been overwhelmed by a sudden demand for bombs....
EVERYBODY wants one and we are short on stamps.
They cost money you know. Best we can do is two weeks"
I ordered it for Wednesday,
same day as all the important political players.
 "Wednesday?......You might not be as important as you think."

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Suspend Foreign Aid. We give away 124 Billion every year mostly to people that don't like us very much. 35% Tax on all money transfers TO Mexico. 35% Tariff on goods FROM Mexico.

THEN when the Wall is built, equipped and staffed:

Revisit Foreign Aid......BUT:



You want Foreign Aid?
a. Do you like us?
   2. Ally? Well sure then (after we've paid our bills)
b. Are you democratically governed?
   1. No? See a.1. above
    2. Yes? revisit your budgets and try to figure out WHY you need "outside" help? (or rather just want it)
c. Are you a human rights abuser?
    1. Yes? Do not pass go, do not collect $200 (or any other money)
     2. No? Well then show us by how well you take care of your own.

In short, unless you as a country meet our standards (and they ARE pretty lax) DO NOT expect any thing from us. And if you do get any it will be mere crumbs (aka leftovers after our country is completely taken care of.) compared to what we threw away before.

*Especially Military

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aug 3 9:05 pm (Aug 4 on the east coast)

Aug 3. even tho this is tomorrows "Page". Liketa think there is pressure to figure out what tomorrow is/will be about.
 But then, isn't that Life? What will tomorrow bring? Will there BE a Tomorrow? Although on that point I not to worried.
despite attaining what I feel to be an "advanced" age (63) and having acquired a few chronic
(contrary to popular belief "curmudgeon" is NOT an ailment) I actually feel pretty good. Likely I'll see the Sun rise another day.

As for tomorrow, I don't expect much. Run around, pay some bills, accomplish little (but something) and retire home to my corner of the world. Funny how expectations diminish as one also diminishes?
All the fire I had in my youth has burned down to embers or barely glowing coals. seemingly lukewarm.

All in all I have not achieved much other than survived (up to this point) it. No kids, no legacy other than to be occasionally remembered in Bar Conversations. Not planning any kind of Memorial and no longer belong to any kind of group who make a
habit out of maintaining such a thing. And there may be a spot of regret in that. When young I rode with people from that sort of life. as a newbie. But, I listened to my elders and respected them. I would be an elder now but like many I left that life behind. true it's not an easy way to live and many fail or perish. I can't really say why I left,
but I did. And I'm sure there's a certain amount of regret. I know know there will be a "Memory" patch with my name and I guess i'm ok with that.

Solitude agrees with Me. But.........