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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aug 3 9:05 pm (Aug 4 on the east coast)

Aug 3. even tho this is tomorrows "Page". Liketa think there is pressure to figure out what tomorrow is/will be about.
 But then, isn't that Life? What will tomorrow bring? Will there BE a Tomorrow? Although on that point I not to worried.
despite attaining what I feel to be an "advanced" age (63) and having acquired a few chronic
(contrary to popular belief "curmudgeon" is NOT an ailment) I actually feel pretty good. Likely I'll see the Sun rise another day.

As for tomorrow, I don't expect much. Run around, pay some bills, accomplish little (but something) and retire home to my corner of the world. Funny how expectations diminish as one also diminishes?
All the fire I had in my youth has burned down to embers or barely glowing coals. seemingly lukewarm.

All in all I have not achieved much other than survived (up to this point) it. No kids, no legacy other than to be occasionally remembered in Bar Conversations. Not planning any kind of Memorial and no longer belong to any kind of group who make a
habit out of maintaining such a thing. And there may be a spot of regret in that. When young I rode with people from that sort of life. as a newbie. But, I listened to my elders and respected them. I would be an elder now but like many I left that life behind. true it's not an easy way to live and many fail or perish. I can't really say why I left,
but I did. And I'm sure there's a certain amount of regret. I know know there will be a "Memory" patch with my name and I guess i'm ok with that.

Solitude agrees with Me. But.........

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