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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Aug 3, 2016

                     Donald Trump    

He was NOT my first choice. But one cannot argue for one candidate without bringing the other into the mix. That said, my primary reason is HE'S NOT HER!

     The SCOTUS issue is the primary one. 3 or 4 more Liberal Justices will absolutely spiral this country into third world oblivion and many believe he will appoint judges as impartial as he can get.
If you think about it his appeal isn't so much that he is pushing conservative policies it's more of the America First that he promotes.
For some some reason that drives the Left nutz? He's supports abortion (which the right don't like), fiscally conservative and want's to see Americans working again. Wants to cure the vast trade deficits that exist between us and other countries. There is absolutely No Question of whether or not he's "Been Bought" (NO, he hasn't) and his motives are certainly not for "Power" but Love of Country.

     Instead the left has chosen to focus on perceived smears of Racism and Misogyny.
He's rude and crass and very successful. So?

     Honestly the left's vision of doom and gloom with four years of Trump is vastly overstated.
If elected, the Left will flatly refuse to work with him. And we know but don't really understand their reasons why.
 But, the Right will also attempt to stifle him at every turn (albeit quietly).
Their motivation being that The Left will Scream for four years about Trump and if they can keep him ineffectual enough those in the establishment GOP believe that in four years of Trump accomplishing NOTHING they'll be able to run one of their Good ol Boys.
It's certainly a lot easier than trying to stifle Hillary? After all look at what a great job of keeping Obama in check they have done?
 Four years of Trump will be four years of nothing. IF for some reason his Nationalist Movement can "catch fire" and manage to get the other "career politicians" voted out through regular elections or Term Limit Legislation
 (oh god, if only) there may be a chance (unpopular in the world as it is) of returning America to her former greatness.

    All things being equal I really wanted to see Gingrich/Bolton in '16.
They're BOTH great thinkers with real Government/World Policy experience.Hopefully they'll both have prominent positions in Trump's Administration.
Lacking them Trump is the man.

On Khazir Khan:

     No, I don't believe the DNC would be stupid enough to march an "Illegal Immigrant Muslim" family up on stage to trash Trump......but? (No, i don't believe them "illegal" No question he has his own agenda being an Immigration Lawyer (co-inkydinkally specializing in Muslim Immigration issues)..........

     But the question is he  up there Trashing trump because His Son died fighting Muslims? Blaming Trump for his Son's death? Waving the Constitution pamphlet like it is some kind of "Holy Grail" for his vitriol? Trump didn't start the war, Trump is not now managing the war, Trump did not draft his Son and send him to war. While we're at it Where is the father's  outrage and criticism of the Muslims that killed his Son?

     Y'all are yelling "Trump wants to ban Muslims from America!". C'mon now, you KNOW that's not true? (Don't you?)

     Trump wants an "effective Vetting System" in place. I don't see a problem with that and can't imagine why anyone would. at present we "ask them and have them sign a paper" saying "No, I am not a Terrorist". Almost as effective as Barach's "red line in the sand"?

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