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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kill all the Lawyers!!!!!!!!


Because they did not predict an earthquake????? Well then lets try (and sue) the local fortune teller for nor callin me up to tell me I was gonna be hit by a bus next tuesday. SHEESH!!!!!! 'sides...if ya live along a fault line (ya dumb shit) isn't it reasonable to expect that pretty much any old time the ground's gonna shake and yer house fall down?

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well let's start with they're going to cut your Social Security because it's and "Entitlement" (even though you paid for it), then they are going to cut Medicare which may be an entitlement but the alternative would "leave the old people on the side of the trail". So.....the head chimp in charge wants to give away more of YOUR money:

"President Barack Obama will use his speech to the Arab world today to call for billions of dollars in financial assistance to Egypt and Tunisia as part of a comprehensive approach to the "Arab Spring" movement that he "HOPES" (quotes and emphasis mine) will boost democratic reforms and America's reputation in the region."

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I don't know about youse but might this(your) money be better spent.....gosh what a concept...HERE?

Monday, May 16, 2011

They're running us they want more

Democrats have doubled the National debt in 4 years... now they want to hit retirement funds to keep the government going? With their track record would YOU offer to let them borrow YOUR retirement money to fund the government....on an I.O.U?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Alright...let's just suppose the "Boogie Man" is actually dead. Despite assurances by our Leaders that "Yes, We killed him, We tried not to but he left Us no choice, and two hours after We unfortunately had to shoot him We had DNA confirmation and had buried his body at sea in accordance with the Muslim Faith because that's just the kind of people We are and we feel terrible about it because We would have rather (or forgot to) given him a Miranda warning then arrested him only to provide him with (at tax payer expense) a team of ACLU lawyers for his defense along a nice suit to goto court in". So now We cannot show pictures of the dead terrorist body because "We might inflame anti-American sentiment". "That's not who We are"??? Listen up you stupid clueless Son of a Bitch....that is exactly who we need to be if we're ever going to get any respect in today's world. As the laughingstock of the world the message We need to send is "EXPECT NO MERCY"! You fuck with us you die, period. We are not "sorry" and the only thing I regret is it took almost 10 years to waste the prick. And the only thing I am sorry for after that is that this apologetic prick and his band of liberal anti-American cronies were in charge when it happened.