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Friday, May 29, 2015

Phoenix Free Speech Demonstration

     An event is being organized in Phoenix for Today. It will be a "Draw Mohammad" contest. The contest is to be held in front of a Mosque here in Phoenix at the Hour when the building should be full of Worshipping (or whatever they do in there) Muslims.
     The Organizer of the Event is a Biker and He's asking that Bikers attend the Event. He's also asking that everyone come "Armed".  Now, carrying a Firearm in Phoenix is "The Norm" as almost everybody is packing but, Holding an event featuring a volatile issue like a Draw Mohammad contest in front of a full Mosque AND announcing that the participants will mostly be armed is just begging for trouble.
     As of last nite there were about 125 People signed up to attend but one can be Sure it will be heavily attended by Phoenix PD, MCSO,  FBI, ATF, probably the NSA and maybe even the Enforcement Arm of The Department of Agriculture.
     The Authorities are no doubt studying the event in Waco and assessing the perceived backlash from that fiasco.

IF The Muslims were holding a Protest the Police would be there to protect Them, This time I believe They'll be there for the same reason.

Dunno, think I'm gonna take a pass on this one.

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