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Monday, November 1, 2010

Where's the outrage E.J. Montini?

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. One week ago today there was a hate crime committed here. Late Monday night/Tuesday morning my friend went to the Circle K on 68th and Avalon for a soda. He rode up on his bicycle and heard a commotion from down the street and saw approximately 50 people involved in a fight in the middle of 68th street. On a closer look he realized that there were about 25 people administering a beating to one man while the rest of the crowd encouraged them. My friend ran in the store and told the clerk to call 911. At about that time the man broke away from the crowd and ran to the store. The crowd caught him in the parking lot and continued the beating. Eventually the police showed up and arrested 20 "suspects". The victim went to the hospital. The next day there was literally no mention of this incident in either the newspapers (your own included Mr Montini) or the TV news. E.J. you shout about the victims of injustices as you perceive them...Where Sir is your outrage? The marches? The protests? Inconvenient perhaps?
Did I forget to mention that the victim was white? Or that all the suspects were Hispanic?
I suggest you consider what your actions would be if the situation had been reversed. I submit that your outrage would know no limits.

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