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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tax cuts

Jobs and tax hikes:
i'm sorry but extending tax hikes (for the middle class or the rich) are useless for everyone as they only affect working people. A large amount of people are unemployed and will not be helped either way. i believe a better solution would be extending the tax rates as they are AND a direct tax credit to any employer (large or small) who hires a NEW employee and keeps them employed for one calender year.
This will:

1. increase employment; (obviously as an incentive to hire)

2. more people will pay taxes ie: fica, income, and all the rest

3. increase US production;

4. reduce unemployment benefits payed out;

5. stimulate the economy with more people working and buying goods and services;

7. and the best part is the tax credits will pay for themselves by any new employee kept on the payroll for at least one year will (should) pay more into the system than the tax credits cost.

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