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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Once Again...selective memory

Early this morning I'm watching MSNBC (yes Ricky,unlike you I DO watch opposing viewpoints), and the blonde talking head anchorwoman is interviewing Chris Matthews (an msnbc commentator generously referred to as radical liberal) and they are discussing the now common concept of a Republican slaughter of House Democrats on Tuesday. Chris was heard to say "The economy is in shambles...when (not if) the GOP take control of the House they will control the Nations purse strings"......HEY CHRIS....Your beloved Democrats have blamed GWB and the GOP for causing the "Economic Crisis". In the end of 2006 the deficit was 200 Billion. Ok not a small number but, in the short four years since the Dems took Congress (House and Senate) the deficit has grown to several TRILLION dollars. In 2007 the national unemployment rate was 7%....."If We do not pass this Stimulus Package unemployment may climb to 8%". Latest report indicates 9.7%.
Selective Memory at it's finest.

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