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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Finally after a three year long battle I have re-acquired control of MRROACH.COM . It seems that at some point in the past my previous registrar when they changed their company to something else they changed ownership of MRROACH.COM into the name of their new company. All this went pretty much unnoticed until a few years ago when I tried to renew it and change the forwarding. The renewal went through without a hitch, they took my money and everything. When I tried to change the destination they would not as they said "I" did not own the domain!!! Alright so then I tried to transfer the registrar to GoDaddy. They then told me that they could not on account of "Austrailian Law forbids transfer of Domains within two years of a change (renewal) in the domain record". Well by now I'm just going batshit. To spare y'all the details of the three year legal fight, suffice to say I now once again own and control MRROACH.COM. At this point after some well heeled advice I have started thr process to document the history and content of MRROACH.COM in order to copywrite, and trademark the name and all content therein. Additionally I shall renew the name for an extended length of time.
I hope y'all will take the time to stop by sometime soon and being as I now have time on my hands I intend to ramp up the content and presence of MRROACH.COM .

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