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Monday, January 9, 2012

"But You're My Best Friend"........

equates to Chick Code for "I wouldn't sleep with you for practice, last man on earth, had a Black Visa, etc" (although the Black Visa does go a long ways towards changing that)
I know a woman for coming up on 14 years now. For the last three of them I've listened to her complain that she can't get a date, has no boyfriend, sexually frustrated, blah blah blah. So having known her for what I guess to be a considerable amount of time (and being single) I offered to take her out. "Ohh" she says, play slaps my hand, kinda turns her head and walks away. She comes back later (she's a bartender by the way)** and I remind her about how many years ago right after a breakup of her and her current boyfriend she propositioned me. "What!!! was I drunk?" "Yah...haha haha I guess you would have to be". so she comes out with "But you're my best friend". "Yah....when was the last time you called me just to talk? for that matter what's my phone number? Have we ever sat in your (or my) kitchen eating ice cream cos you were upset? How bout, where do I live?"
In short why do wimmen have to be so fulla shit? There is another woman I know and find enormously attractive who simply said "I like you but I don't find you THAT kind of attractive". I respect her greatly for that.

** I DO know her from outside the bars where she has worked and we (not as a date) have been out in social situations in the past. There was a crowd of people from one of her earlier establishments that useta go out together and yes, I was in that crowd.

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