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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

      Abortion came up in an online conversation today. Woman I was conversing with was admittedly a radical Feminist. Now don't get my wrong. I fully support the Woman's right to Choose concept. I just don't think it should be as unfettered as they seem to want.
     I have on numerous occasions attempted to get an answer to the question of "When is a fetus too old to abort?". IE: When is it alive. Generally it goes unanswered. She was quite adamant about this "It should be permissible Any time up to and including Birth then for any time after that". Phew, tell ya what Folks, don't piss off your Moms?
     "It's MY body and I have the absolute right to do as I choose when it comes to reproduction". Ummmmm, Don't you think that except in certain cases (rape, incest, medical issues, etc) the Father should have a say in the process?
     "NO!" Huh? "Men have no rights regarding the birth process or Children"
Ummmm, how so? "We don't need them". Ummmm. howz that? "We can use artificial insemination. There is no need for Men". So if there never were any Men you could just use "AI" to accomplish pregnancy? "Correct". Now my head hurts, time for me to walk away.

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