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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Obama fans posting tons of pictures with positive captions about the great economy created by the President. Let's bring some honestly to the debate - some "facts" as some of my liberal friends like to say. The poverty rate is UP 3% since Obama took office - now with 46.5 million people living in poverty (15% of the country). As well, the real barometer of how well Americans are doing economically is found in evaluating the inflation adjusted median family income. That figure is 8% LOWER than it was when Obama took office - even at the DEPTH of the "great recession" used as the excuse by Obama apologists for us not being in a better place today. Today inflation adjusted median family income is about $4,500 lower today than it was in 2007. So liberal cheerleaders, put down your pompoms and stop reposting all this spin. The average American family is suffering under this Administration. Please spend your time pushing the President to loosen the regulations holding business back. It's time for real economic growth, not some more Keynesian crap aimed at "increasing demand"..."

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