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Friday, June 29, 2012

Scotus Decision

     Let's  read this for what it really is: The Government now has license to dictate every part of our lives. By refusing to comply we the public will incur a penalty termed "A Tax", and the Supreme court has  reaffirmed the Governments right to tax. You can bet Romney will see this the same way and will use it to further his own agenda. Freedom has been lost today.
     Next up: "Personal Liability Insurance"??? Or perhaps a mandate to maintain a Lawyer on retainer permanently? Perhaps even the IRS will be hiring out to do Personal Debt Collection? Makes sense as everything they collect can be termed a "Tax". Bet ya didn't think that Cable bill you didn't pay could be a Tax?  Borrow 20 bucks from your neighbor and have an IRS agent on your doorstep to collect? The possibilities are endless.

Obama's personal Army:

And well now he's got it:

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