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Friday, April 13, 2012


In AZ right now there is a piece of pending legislation regarding a person's right to protect themselves from harm. It basically allows licensed concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons in any building (including government buildings) in the state UNLESS:
A. They have an Armed Security Guard AND:
they have "secure storage" for your weapons.
Now this morning one of the local news station was discussing the possibility of this bill making it to law. The two acknowledged liberal (station has recently undergone a "Demographics" change to liberal anchors and politically correct format)were discussing the possibly catastrophic results of allowing people to carry weapons in all public buildings. All was going according to plan with a general condemnation of the proposed bill until one of the few remaing older original anchors pipes up with "Seems like a good idea to me as I can't ever remember a mass killer ever attacking a place where there were a bunch of armed people." "Kinda like a mass killer with a rifle attacking the local shooting range"......AWKWARD SILENCE.But he had a good point. I predict his days as a news anchor at that station are numbered.

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  1. As an addendum: A friend whom is a fallen conservative (liberal) gave up an incident of the Arabic Army Major who killed 14 soldiers at Fort Hood as an example of a mass murderer attacking a heavily armed facility.....I pointed out by way of reply that "Policy that unless in an active war zone all personnel are 'unarmed' ". No reply as yet but if i ever get one i will post it here.