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Sunday, December 18, 2011

From Barack: I signed up to the Barack re-election web site. They send me Democratic propaganda two or three times a week along with begging for money. Everytime I reply they generate an "Auto response to inform me that "We appreciate your feedback and rest assured that every reply duly noted and read" or some such nonsense. Obviously they don't as I've sent them some pretty rude replies and they still have me on their list. Being careful of course to avoid threats, blatant sedition or anything truly objectionable. This morning I got an email supposedly from the "Head Cheeze" himself crowing about "ending the war in Iraq" and pleeze contribute while I'm basking in the warm fuzzy feeling from the rush of "actually being singled out by His Eminence" to receive news of this Monumental achievement.

My reply: "ok fine. now do something useful with them and send them to the Mexican border, fully armed to stand shoulder to shoulder until you find a way to REALLY secure it."

Think "He" will reply?


  1. In order to reply, he would have to have a thought of his own. To many from all sides simply fall into the propaganda machine instead of formulating their own thoughts and convictions. To be opposed to a war from the start and yet claim some level of responsibility for it's success is complete dribble.

  2. Ban the GOP as an Un-American terrorist organization. Water board John Boehner and Cantor as well.