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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ask A Mezzican

Alright so it's been a while since I been here. Judging from the amount of fan mail I've received no one seemed to notice.
So I been having this conversation with this ignorant liberal hispanic columnist in one of the local "Avants guarde newspapers. I say "hispanic" because his heritage is not clear. In his official bio at the paper he actually writes for he claims to be born in Anaheim and in an earlier column he claims to have snuck into this country. He is your typical "Open borders" advocate as he claims all his poor downtrodden brothers and sisters come here merely to work and commit no crime by doing so. So aside from the obvious "illegal immigration" crime which is btw a federal crime I imagine in his head things like Identity theft (using stolen or fake ss cards (another felony btw), operating automobiles without licences, registrations or insurance are likewise not crimes. I know i got tagged for expired regi and insurance years ago and for me at least the fines and penalties were quite extensive.
Now he justifies this by stating that "they (illegals) work and pay taxes they will never see". What he does not tell you that they are coached to put as many dependants as they can on the w-4 "" so that they pay virtually no tax. Then of course eventually YOU as the legitimate owner of that SS number get the bill (or maybe a visit) from the IRS about that undeclared income not on your tax return.
When pointed out to the Mexican he had no real reply so i suggested HE "publish his own ss number" (assuming it was legitimate) so his "poor working honest brethren could use it". I suppose he must be looking for his card because he has not yet done so.
my latest to him about the open border stance is:

Well Gustavo would suggest that since the Southwest was stolen (In their minds but lost in a war actually) it actually belongs to them (Reconquista) so they deserve to come and go as they please. Likewise our laws are null and void for them since in their heads it's "THEIR" country anyway. I predict that this "generous" immigration policy would last until exactly "one minute after they took over". Then it would revert to what they have in their country....."if you ain't Mezzican stay the fukk out or we will throw you in prison".
Also there is the "LaRaza" approach if "Invasion by immigration", legal or otherwise. This is the idea that where if they can become a large enough percentage of the population they will by default eventually rule it. This is also currently being used in Europe by Muslim immigrants and it is successful to the point where there are whole neighborhoods where the local police will not go. AND in these neighborhoods Shariah law does apply.
When it comes right down to it these mezzicans had better be careful on account of if their efforts are successful here then the Muslims will target them next as inhabitors of "The Great Satan",,,the US. I can see it now with all them sweet chicas at the park n swap wearing burkas and face veils? Unless of course the mexes plan on taking over and reducing the Southwest to the level of a third world Mexico so the Muslims won't want it?
And since all us Gabachos will be driven North by the advancing brown horde we WILL take all our guns with us thereby concentrating firepower even more.

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  1. It's official. Yer paranoia has overtaken any seance you once had. Mexican girls in burkas at the park N swap. Not even Spielberg could come up with that. Therapy and medication can help.